Bilnor Staffing Solutions has built its reputation over 34 years and is considered as one of the premier engineering, mining and industrial recruiting firms in South Africa.

Bilnor is a proudly owned and operated South African Staffing Solution organisation and has consistently provided our clients with the full spectrum of diverse categories and levels of industrial staff and labour.

Although Bilnor is based in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo we have successfully recruited for temporary and permanent personnel for a wide range of industries throughout South Africa and Africa. We are continuously adding more personnel to our CV library for a vast range of industries and locations, this means that we can offer you a very large variety of candidates to refine from to ensure that you get the best candidate to fill that position fast.

If you are a possible candidate, please submit your details to us so that we can start recommending available positions to you as soon as possible.

Our Approach

Our-ApproachBilnor’s extensive database of personnel and clients, positions us to deliver unparalleled and ongoing service to both our clients and personnel. Our team of specialised and experienced consultants offer a high level of service, commitment and dedication.

Our vision and mission are to place well-suited candidates, be it on a temporary or permanent basis, in order to ensure that your highest standards are met and maintained, thereby increasing your productivity and profitability. Outsourcing the recruitment of labour ensures that your organisation has the capacity to focus on its core business activities.

Our mandate is to thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses and their needs, in order to ensure that we meet their requirements.

Our objective is to find the best-qualified candidates for our clients. Over the years, we have built up an extensive database of candidates and continually add to this database through various platforms. We strive to work closely with our clients to produce high quality and cost effective staffing solutions.

As a registered employment service provider, we provide the following:

  • Client organisation analysis
  • Position analysis
  • Arranging client interviews
  • Community forums and surveys
  • Proactive targeted recruitment
  • Progress reports
  • Final reports
  • Salary surveys
  • Industrial relations
  • Legislative compliance
  • Objective candidate proposals
  • All correspondence with candidates
  • Candidate evaluation and exams
  • Degree and Certificate verification
  • Reference and background checks
  • Employment process and administration
  • Performance and discipline enforcement
  • Payroll (including statutory requirements: PAYE, UIF, SDL, Bargaining Council deductions)

Whether you’re in need of one person or a large crew, on a temporary or permanent basis, Bilnor Staffing Solutions will be able to assist.

Here are some of the positions that we supply, we are however not limited to these:

  • Semi-skilled labourers
  • All tradesmen / Artisans
  • Engineers
  • General engineering supervisors
  • Administration
  • Site clerks
  • Welders / Fabricators
  • Process workers
  • Safety managers / Advisors
  • Project managers
  • Site supervisors
  • Trade assistants / General labourers
  • Forklift operators / Crane drivers
  • Stores: Staff / Pickers / Packers
  • Riggers / Scaffolder

For your reference here is some legislative and statutory requirements that you might require before working with us:

  • Reg No: 2012/1541450/07
  • VAT No: 4870261759
  • Receiver of Revenue: SARS Ref No: 77607781338
  • IRP 30 Labour Broker SARS Ref No: 21262040/8
  • PAYE: 776 078 1338
  • UIF: 760 781 388
  • Metal Industries Benefit Funds Admin. (MIBFA): 5B03292
  • National Bargaining Council for Engineering Industry of SA (NBCEI) 2
  • COFESA Ref No: LR/2//6/5/9
  • CAESAR Ref No: LR2/6/3/313

Finding the right people for the job and the right job for the right people

Bilnor offers a long-term staffing solution that will allow your team to add a new member, but an asset that will grow with your business.

Our long term staffing solutions make sure that the candidate which will fill a position has the necessary skills, craftsmanship and attitude to join your team. We go the extra mile to ensure that they will meet the values of your company and fit right into your culture. These employees are meant to stand with your business when the going gets tough and the tough gets going.

Long term placement is an option when:

  • The employee will become a major stakeholder within months of their employment.
  • They will carry great responsibility for the well-being and continuous operation of your business.
  • They need to stay in the position for at least 3 years.

You know what you want in the employees, now let us find them for you.

Additionally, we offer head hunting, this is when you know exactly who you want to an employee, you then hand over the task to us to get the person to leave their current job and join your team as soon as possible.



As a business, you don’t always want to be locked into long-term liabilities. That is why at Bilnor we offer to find you a temporary candidate to fill your position carefully selected from our pool of job seekers. This allows you to have flexibility and agility when employing new staff. This also ensures that your business is capable of coping with increased demand from forces beyond your control.

Short term staffing solutions is an option when:

  • The employee is only needed on a temporary basis.
  • When the person will have a major stake in your business and their skills and personality will need to match the position.

Our consultants will match only personnel that meet all your requirements. This will allow us to offer you a world-class service with an accurate placement.



Bilnor Staffing Solutions allows you great benefits, we have outlined a few that we offer:

  • Legislative compliance
  • Clients have the opportunity to gauge the fit of the candidates before hiring
  • Access to a large variety of candidates
  • Ability to fill positions quickly
  • Flexibility to easily change the size of the workforce based on the project load and its requirements and specifications
  • No additional recruitment costs
  • Quick access to specialised skills
  • Quick cover during staff absence
  • Experienced recruiters
  • No long term commitment
  • Effectively save on lengthy HR processes and costs

We also offer a long list of health and safety benefits:

  • We personally assist our employees through their medical checks.
  • We maintain sound safety standards throughout all aspects of the business in line with client and statutory requirements.
  • We sustain environmental resource management principles and devise innovative methods to provide cost effectiveness.
  • We integrate safety and environmental awareness into our work ethic in the engineering, labour hire and mining construction fields.

How many hours are expected from me to work?

Depending on each client/mine. We work mainly according to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act which requires 9 hours a day and a 45hour work week. An average of 198 hours per month You may be required to work every second Sunday but will be compensated for this as set out in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act When worked, overtime and double time is payable for working on Sundays and public holidays.

What is the difference between a Section 13 and a Section 28 Trade qualification?

  • Section 13 : You did a three years apprenticeship, have a signed apprenticeship contract and wrote a trade exam.
  • Section 28: You got your qualification based on your experience.

When submitting my CV, what attachment is required?

Depending on each client, we often get an answer by the end of the day but it might take longer. You will be the first person we contact when we know the outcome.

How long does take to get results on an interview?

Bilnor Labour’s recruitment officers and consultants will act in response to your CV as soon as there is a vacancy, requesting your qualification. To help us process your information and get you into our database please send your full CV with all of your certificates and a copy of your ID book.

When I forward my CV how long does it takes to get a response from you?

Bilnor Labour’s recruitment officers and consultants will act in response to your CV as soon as there is a vacancy requiring your qualification. To help us process your information and get you onto our database please send your full CV with all of your certificates as well as a copy of your ID.

What kind of jobs is Bilnor Labour offering?

Bilnor Labour specializes in the mining industry. Our main vacancies are for Artisans, operators and people with mining/plant experience.

In which area is the mine/company situated?

We recruit for Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Northern Cape.

What benefits are included in the rate Bilnor Labour presents me?

  • Living out – and Traveling allowance (Depending on each Contract)
  • UIF
  • Skills Development Levy
  • Workman’s Compensation

What is the rate for the vacancy I am applying for?

  • Rates may differ from the different company/mine we are recruiting for.
  • The rates Bilnor compensate to candidates will be discussed with the candidate beforehand.
  • Rates are calculated by the qualification you achieved. (Section 13/ Section 28/Semi-Skilled/Advanced Skilled/ect)and your experience

Why doesn’t Bilnor Labour recruit candidates who just qualified a year ago?

The minimum experience required for our clients is 2 – 3 years.

Does Bilnor assist with apprenticeships?

No, Bilnor Labour does not assist with apprenticeships, but we will advice you on where you can go for apprenticeship.

Is the vacancy on contract or permanent?

On average it is a 3 months contract depending on each client. For the first three months you work for Bilnor Labour after which, if the client is satisfied with your work, they have the opportunity to offer you a permanent appointment.

Does the mine assist with moving my furniture?

No, unfortunately the mines cannot assist you with moving.

Does the mine/company have transport?

Depending on each client, some mines do supply transport, others might require you to have your own transport.

What is the mine/company’s rate where I am going to be employed?

Rates differs from company to company – This will be discussed during the preliminary interview.

What do I need to supply when going for medical?

Assist the medical center with your Medical exit, from your previous company/mine and a copy of you ID.

When invited for an interview, will Bilnor Labour assist with a fuel travelling fee?

Bilnor Labour does not compensate any fee when a candidate is invited for an interview, but when successful it may be negotiable.

Why do you send away certificates for verification?

To prevent fraud. To define if a candidate qualified as a Section 13 or Section 28

I have just sent my CV, have you receive it?

Our recruitment officers and consultants receive over 200 CVs a day. From there the CV’s are entered into a data base. Confirmation on CV can be made after two days.

Which mines and companies do you recruit for?


  • MCC
  • BHP Billiton
  • Great Basin Gold
  • Burnstone
  • DMO / SKS


  • LA Crushers
  • PMC- Mining
  • Foskor Mining
  • Komatsu
  • Barloworld


  • Two Rivers Platinum Mine (Grinekar LTA)
  • Dwarsrivier Chrome (ASSMANG)
  • Samancor
  • Barloworld
  • Hitachi
  • Everest Platinum Mine
  • Stefanuti Stock
  • VBV