Bilnor Projects is a construction and engineering company based in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. We are able to offer all our engineering services across the entire South Africa and its neighboring countries.

Established in 1982, the Bilnor Group has continually serviced the engineering, mining and industrial sectors with unparalleled expertise, diligence and commitment. All fabrication and modification are done on-site or in our fully equipped engineering workshops. We are equipped to handle a large variety of engineering and construction projects.



Bilnor Projects offers a large range of services with wide applications in many industries. Our approach to turnkey solutions makes us a preferred choice to our long list of clients. We combine our expertise, experience and hard work to offer a truly unrivalled engineering service that you can rely on.

Specialising in conveyor belts we offer full installations, design, extensions and strip out of these lines covering the head section, drive and take-up, vibrating tips and tail pulleys. We are also able to offer fire suppression on conveyor belts and supplying flame retardant belts for underground conveyors.

We are well equipped to do on-site Line Boring, with years of experience we can ensure that your machinery will be maintained and kept running without any hassle.

We offer bucket manufacturing, we do the necessary design and prototyping then we build the bucket with true craftsmanship and ensure that it is working optimally. Additionally, we also maintain, rebuild and repair buckets.

We supply, manufacture, install, maintain and repair Victaulic pipelines, rock breakers, hand tools and welding machines.

We offer civil works for capital projects, the building and installation of structures, underground and surface belts, chair lifts and pipe installation.

We rebuild TMM machines with expertise and craftsmanship that is unrivalled.

We offer sandblasting and painting for any machinery or structures.

Maintenance teams to maintain your structures, operation and machinery on a daily basis, ensure that no downtime is experienced.

We fabricate and refurbish plants, all low profile tips with rock breaker base and stand, transfer chutes with liners and impact beds, tail end pulley frames, walkways and staircases, grizzlies of all sizes to your specifications, drive and take-up sections and all overland conveyor structures.

Conveyor Belt Construction

Any mine that use conveyors to move dust and raw product understands how important safety and productions is. Therefore the maintenance, repair and extension of conveyor belts must meet the highest quality standards. At Bilnor our experience on conveyors exceeds any of our competitors, and allows us to ensure minimal downtime to our valued clients.

Safety is crucial. We use meticulous processes to ensure that all safety standards are met and that all employees and plants is kept safe from any  safety hazards.

By offering 24/7 call-outs we ensure that any problems will be solved in a timeously matter. Getting your plant operational is our first priority.

We offer the following for conveyor belts:

  • Full construction from design and prototyping up to operational status and even it’s disassembly.
  • Routine maintenance on any existing or new conveyor belts.
  • Emergency repairs on lines that broke down and came to a stand still.
  • Decommissioning of conveyor belts and the migration of these lines.
  • Fire retarding of conveyor belts and the supply of fire resistant belts for underground conveyors.
Line Boring

One of our most prestigious and most sought after services is line boring. We offer some of the best line boring this country has ever seen. Our approach is rather simple, years of experience combined with concentration and focus allows us to offer line boring unrivalled in the engineering industry.

Our machinery is some of the highest quality machinery in South Africa which allows us to fix machinery that some might say is beyond repair.

Our line-boring machinery is portable which enables us to offer on-site line boring whether for emergency cases or for routine maintenance on a 24 hour 7 days a week work schedule.

We currently have 3 fully equipped mobile units capable of  the full maintenance spectrum.

We are sure to follow all specifications and take attention to dissipating heat evenly on your equipment. We follow a full OME specification ensuring that your equipment is kept in top notch form.

Our team is fully versed in the production of equipment necessary to undertake all forms of portable line boring activities. Our transportable line boring machines are of rigorous standards in terms of accuracy, this in combination with our highly motivated and skilled workforce presents customers with the confidence required to undertake high precision on-site, in-place line boring projects of important major items of production equipment.

Machining is carried out in conjunction with an alignment technique, laser or optical and is essential to the success of the project. Where bores are worn and tolerances outside the OEMs design parameters, bores can be repaired using a variety of procedures to reinstate them back to standard size. In the event that OEMs provide oversize shell bearing, this would be a simpler option than these procedures. This method in our experience is rare as OEMs prefer to operate machines with standard parts.


Fully equipped line boring teams with:

  • Oscillation machine
  • 7x imported portable line boring machines all with ID welders:
  • 2 x electrical machines 75mm – 800mm hole diameter,  4000mm long
  • 1 x electrical machines 38mm – 75mm hole diameter , 2000mm long
  • 4x hydraulic machines
  • Reworked faces


  • The range of Line Boring equipment to cover sizes 38mm to 800mm Diameter up to 4000mm long.  Alignment to OEM standards set and checked by laser/optical equipment.
  • Bore dimension to OEM standards.
  • Faces from 90mm – 490mm
  • ID welding from 70mm – 750mm
Bucket Rebuilds and Repairing

Buckets fail with time, their edges become blunt and they start developing holes and cracks. This causes precious sediment to be lost with each load. Repairing a bucket to once again perform like it did when it came out of the factory takes craftsmanship, experience and knowledge. Depending on the materials that the bucket get’s exposed to changes the lifetime of the bucket.

Bilnor offers a bucket rebuild and maintenance service, which restores and maintains buckets of any machinery type. This allows your machinery to have a longer operational frame and saves you money by avoiding the sourcing of an entirely new bucket.

Additionally, we also offer the construction of new buckets, to meet your machinery unique needs. Because we have control of the design process your bucket will be highly specialised meaning that it will be able to do its job much better.

We have years of experience with bucket construction and the maintenance of these buckets. We have worked with numerous material types and fixed a large variety of problems on buckets.

Bilnors buckets are:

  • Strong – We focus on ensuring the buckets strain points are well reinforced.
  • Last long – High-quality materials and expertise allow our buckets to last longer.
  • True Craftsmanship – We take pride in construction and repairs of all buckets.
  • Optimised for the job – From general purpose to a specialised application, we have you covered.
Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering is a discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Additionally, we also do structuring specialised to the mining industry.

The wide knowledge of various applications allows us to ensure that we are not limited to one single application of civil construction. We have worked on a large variety of engineering and construction projects. Our thorough handling of the entire process from concept to standing structure allows you to focus on other things that matter.

Attention to detail and a constant focus on keeping costs limited is a flagship quality of our civil engineering service. Our approach is to constantly ensure that the job on hand is heading towards completion ensuring that deadlines are met on time and that the projects commence smoothly.

We have taken on some of these contracts:

  • Office Buildings
  • All types of offices, both stationary and mobile
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Parking Garages
  • Motor-Dealerships
  • Surface Beds
  • Silo’s
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Mining Capital Projects
  • Workshops
  • On-site offices
  • Underground and surface belt manufacturing
  • Pipe Installations
  • Chair Lifts
  • Changing Houses


Bilnor Engineering has implemented an engineering and design systems that enable them to produce world class designs efficiently. The systems employed are predominantly Autocad, Microstation and 3D SolidEdge for plant layout and detailing.

The structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete are performed using Strap and Prokon.

These systems have been widely used in the industry, and regularly utilised in the development of most of the projects executed to date. Our mastering of these systems combined with our highly skilled and well-versed team ensures that our offering is solid at it’s core up to its surface.

We cover all major codes and standards such as SANS 347, ASME, TEMA etc.

Our Detailed Civil and Structural Engineering is focussed on four areas of expertise:

  • Structural Steel design and detailing
  • Reinforced Concrete design and detailing
  • Infrastructure design and detailing
  • Environmental Engineering and Management


Our design team consists of the following team members:

  • 1 x PR Engineer (35 yrs. of design experience)
  • 1 x Engineer (10 yrs experience)
  • 1 X Design Engineer (35 yrs. Engineering design and draughting experience)
  • 2 x Senior Draughtsman (15yrs Draughting Experience)
  • 1 x Draughtsman ( 10 yrs Experience)

Our team have worked on major projects across South Africa, Russia and Australia. Specialising in the mining and construction industry.

Some of our customers are:

  • Anglo American
  • Harmony Gold
  • Goldfields
  • Sasol
  • Petra Diamonds